Capital Coast Resort & Spa, Cyprus

2 03 2010

One of the benefits of living on a small Mediterranean island is that you can make use of all the off-season bargains. Although the winter in Cyprus is quite mild, it is still not warm enough to swim for at least 6 months of the year. This means most of the hotels are pretty empty. The recession has also hit the Cypriot tourism industry quite badly. One would therefore expect to spend the low season enjoying luxury hotels at half the price. Alas no!

The hotels in Cyprus have not quite grasped the idea that booking 100 people at half the price is better than booking 10 people at full price. However, this winter we found one hotel which is actually offering reduced rates. The Capital Coast Resort & Spa in Cyprus has been doing significantly reduced rates for the past few months. The deals can be found on the bookcyprus website and expedia. We managed to stay there for only 37 euros per night! Unfortunately, recently the price has crept up to about 50 euros per night (including breakfast) but it is still a bargain.

The price includes breakfast, a one bedroom apartment with cooking facilities and a balcony. The rooms are clean and often they will give you a partial sea view too. Unlike most hotels in Cyprus, the rooms have TVs which actually show decent channels such as BBC1 and ITV – a big perk for an expat with no TV!

The absolute best thing about Capital Coast Resort & Spa is that it has a fully equipped gym, indoor pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and plunge pool. All of these facilities can be used for free – in many of the hotels in Limassol they actually charge you to use their facilities.

Obviously there is a catch. The hotel is quite shabby in places. It could definitely do with some TLC and if you were paying full price, you might consider asking for your money back. However, at these prices, you have nothing to complain about!