Cyprus in the summer

16 06 2010

Well the summer is upon us and the good thing about living in Cyprus is that we get lots of visitors.
First an english couple are coming – I’m betting they’re going to find it pretty hot – it was 35 Degrees Celsius today. For those of you who use Farenheit that’s getting towards the hundred mark.
So we have decided to meet them in the Troodos Mountains. It’s a lovely shady spot with lots of pine trees and waterfalls and the temperature is usually about 10 degrees cooler. So a good place a have a Greek meze with plenty of feta, dolmades (minced pork wrapped in vine leaves) and freshly caught cyprus trout.
The following day we are going on a boat trip from Ayios Georgios in Paphos along the Akamas coast. There should be some spectacular views and we’re planning to stop for some swimming along the way near to Lara Bay where the turtles nest.
The next weekend family are coming and they want to see one of the famous Cyprus monasteries. So we’ll do some research over the coming weeks and let you know which are the ten best monasteries to visit in Cyprus.
Finally a friend is coming all the way from Los Angeles to Cyprus. He’s Jewish and he often goes to Tel Aviv in the summer which is only half an hour away by plane. He wanted to find out about getting a boat across to save money but I told him it’s probably not a good idea at the moment! He is actually getting a free ticket to go to Israel from Los Angeles as part of an American Jewish organisation. I’m very keen to find out more about this so as soon as I know I’ll pass on the information.
Anyway hope you all have a good weekend and if you’re at a loss about what to do why not pop over to Cyprus? Everyone else is!


3 06 2010