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100_1742I’m currently living and working in Cyprus and have been here for the past year. Before that I worked in Brighton, having completed my degree amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford. This blog is about anything that comes to mind or that I feel passionately about. If you’re looking for advice on Cyprus then read my blog or contact me and I will do a post to answer your query. I am also going to blog about interesting recipes I find (especially ones that contain tamarind), movies and many other things. I will do the occasional post about ACA training contracts (boring for many but important to some). If you have any requests for information about ACA training contracts then let me know too.

I also design jewellery. If you are interested in buying it the go to the following sites:
Dawanda to pay in euros

Etsy to pay in US dollars


3 responses

19 10 2009

Wow! I never knew cola had tamarind as an ingredient. Very clever.
The tamarind cocktail on your site sounds wonderful. So simple too. I’ll give it a try soon. I used to wonder why the supermarket stocks jars of the spice. Now I know why.
Here’s to warm days and cool cocktails,

11 11 2009

You look so relaxed sitting with the wind in your hair and the sea behind you. You sound as though you have had a very successful life and done many things for one so young. I am an old lady and I haven’t done what you’ve done yet!
You keep at it, you bright young thing! I used to have a tamarind tree in my garden – they are wonderful trees, my favourite tree!

19 01 2010
Alison Gavin

we would like to use the image of the French Bistro found on google images to promote an event we are holding. Says it may be subject to copyright – can we get permission to use pelase?

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