Dead Sea Mud Mask

6 11 2009

During my recent trip to Jordan, I stopped by the Dead sea and picked myself up some real dead sea mud. Okay it wasn’t completely real as in I didn’t go and dig for mud and then put it in a little pot but it was genuine Dead sea mud in a pretty container. In keeping with my post about using simplified, natural products; Dead sea mud is perfect. A few nights ago I decided to try it out and see if it had any miracle properties.

Dead Sea Mask

Not one to do when waiting for pizza delivery

First I had a hot shower to open my pores and then I slathered on a thick layer of Dead sea mud. You can tell that it is genuine mud as it smelt strongly of clay and you have to mix it before putting it on as it contains sea water.  I left it on for approximately ten minutes during which time my skin slightly tingled and I felt a bit as if I was sitting in a bog due to the smell of clay. I then washed it off and put on a moisturiser.

The smell did linger for a while, but it wasn’t a horrid smell. In fact it just smelt earthy. My complexion was ‘glowing’ afterwards but my pores were not significantly improved.

A few days later I repeated the process and this time, you could really see a difference. My pores were smaller and cleaner looking and for most of the week my complexion was shine-free. It was definitely more effective than any other face mask I have ever used!




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6 11 2009
Jane Alexander

I LOVE mud. My favourite is Moor Mud…in fact must put up a post on it on my other blog (brutallyfrank.wordpress).
Came over from Authonomy and love the two blogs….I’m Jane Alexander, btw. Now cursing you roundly as I have a fatal addiction to blogs and have been trying to cure myself with Authonomy (ho ho)…..
btw, who are you supporting on Authonomy? Might be able to help.

9 11 2009

I too am a big fan of mud masks and a firm believer that the more natural the product the more likely it will work without unexpected side effects! I hope it worked wonders for you!

24 01 2010

We too are huge fans of mud masks. So much so that my wife and I created where you can find Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Mask which has extraordinary cleaning and purifying properties. Similar to the Dead Sea Mud Mask, our smells earthy, but it really does the trick. You can use it on your face or entire body (including hair) and you will be amazed how it can improve your skin’s quality through toning.
We are getting some great reviews so try it out.
Ralph and Zakia

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