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4 11 2009

Recently I have fallen victim to the craze for eliminating harmful ‘chemicals’ from your life. Now, as someone with a science background, I know that everything is a chemical so there is nothing that is free of chemicals but I do think that it is important to try to cut down on all the gunk that we are putting into our bodies.

The other day I was thinking about how everyday I get up and watch my face with a cleanser, put on moisturiser, deodorant, perfume and make-up. During the day, I might use a hand cream or more make up. I come home and wash my body with shower gel and my hair with shampoo and conditioner then I moisturise my body and my face again. Put on more deodorant and often more make up and perfume. We all do it and it means that we are actually putting a lot of stuff onto our skin. Plus when you add in all the rubbish that we have in our food, you can’t help but worry a little.

However, I am a rational person and I do think that people are worrying too much about it.

This is a great article written by a scientist where he talks about how these issues have been over-dramatised.

Nevertheless, I still plan to remove some of the unnecessary chemicals from my life and I will be posting anything good that I find.




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4 11 2009

This certainly got me thinking. It is a concern as we are all very much prone to simply chucking chemicals into our bodies and on our bodies without considering what is actually in the stuff. I shall be reading ingredients lists more carefully in future!

5 11 2009
Kim Jewell

Great article – very informative! I’m going to print out and take home for further research into my bathroom closet… Thanks for the info!


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