Thai Navy saves macaque monkeys

23 10 2009

Long-tailed macaqueA group of long-tailed macaques on the island of Ped off Thailand, have been saved from starvation by the Thai navy. Local fishermen had seen a group of the monkeys attempting to fish along the coast of the island. Unfortunately, as the monkeys do not normally fish, a few of them drowned. Word got back to the Thai navy who decided to investigate why the monkeys had turned to fishing. It turned out that they usually relied on tourists for food. However, tourist numbers have drastically reclined recently due to recent monsoons.

The Thai navy has been providing the monkeys with food and intends to make them self-sufficient. Captain Chatchavarl Meesawasdi has released the following quote, “We are planning to build up fresh water resources and cultivate some fruit trees, such as banana trees, sugar cane trees, and tamarind trees, so the monkeys can eat, and there will be a sustainable solution.”

It’s these kind of altruistic actions that remind one that the world is a great place!




One response

24 10 2009

So, Tamarind Tree, you are part of the sustainable solution for these macaque monkeys! Good for you! I say a firm ‘Well Done’ to the Thai navy and thanks for stories like this that make me proud to be human!

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