The Black Madonna and the BNP

21 10 2009

Tomorrow Nick Griffin gets the chance to pretend to act the part of a real politician and appear on BBC Question Time. In order to create balance, the BBC has also invited Bonnie Greer and Baroness Warsi.

Instead of behaving with any grace or decorum, Nick Griffin has immediately started releasing quotes such as this one, “I think she’s a bit wacky when she sets out to say that Europeans, throughout the Middle Ages, worshipped black women.” Um right Nick? Good start there.

The Black Madonna of the Church of St John, LuxembourgFirstly, there are many Black Madonnas scattered all over the world so it’s fair to say that many people over the years have knelt before a Black Madonna i.e. a woman who is not white. Once a year in Poland a Black Madonna is unveiled for people to worship before and people travel for up to 20 days just to kneel before it. Pretty much every country in the world has a Black Madonna. It’s probably not a ‘wacky’ thing for Bonnie Greer to say then, is it?

Secondly, people have come up with many different explanations for why the Black Madonna exists. Quite a few people say it’s just the type of wood or rock that was used – probably would have been a better line of thought for the BNP to take but then again we know they’re not very bright. Personally, it think it’s pretty obvious that the Madonna wasn’t a pale milkmaid from Kent. She supposedly live in Galilee and was a descendent of the tribe of Judah (one of the twelve Israelite tribes). That means she was from the Middle East and was Jewish. Hmm it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out she was going to have been quite dark skinned.

So in conclusion, the Madonna was actually like to have been a dark-skinned Jew. That would have made her a member of one of the BNP’s most hated groups of people. Perhaps Nick Griffin should stay off the topic of religion all together…




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21 10 2009

A very interesting blog post. One of the most magnificent travelling experiences I’ve had is a trip to Barcelona where I visited Montserrat, 45 minutes away by train. In the mountains lies a monastery where it is still possible to see monks – a vertigo inducing cable car leads up to it. The monastery was created when a monk had a dream that the Virgin Mary spoke to him and said he should build a monastery in the mountains. After exploring the monastery for a while, I noticed a steady stream of people patiently waiting in line to mount a series of twisting stairs. As I followed the crowd, the anticipation grew with each footstep – what could be up here? The silence suggested these were pilgrims here to visit something especially sacred. It took a while to get to, but right at the top, the reward: a gleaming black Madonna – superb to behold, it was a magical experience. In those moments, I was a pilgrim and felt touched by what I had seen.

21 10 2009
Robert Young


I recently visited a Mormon Church, purely to hear what the people there had to say. Although I’m not religious myself, i.e. I don’t pray to a deity, I do consiider myself open-minded. The first thing the two girls there showed me was an oil painting of Jesus Christ.

“So what do you think of that?” said one of the girls, whose eyes it had to be said glazed over in adoration when she looked at the painting.

“Obviously it’s a fake,” I replied.

“In what way a fake?” said the young girl.

“Because there’s no way that a carpenter’s son from the Essien tribe, living in Galilee would have been six feet tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes, pale creamy skin and perfect white teeth.”

“Why do you say that?” she baulked.

“Because he would have been around five feet, five inches tall, black or dark brown hair, hazel eyes, olive skined and yellow teeth,” I replied much to her distain.

Of course she would not hear of JC looking anything like my description.

I’m afraid the poor Mormon girl was brainwashed.

As for the BNP and Nick Griffin?

Let him speak and the public will decide for themselves. Personally I don’t care for the man and his views, reminds me of a certain Austrian in 1933.

But we live in a democracy don’t we?


22 10 2009

When will the day come when people just talk about a dark madonna as a madonna and feel no need whatsoever to comment on skin colour?

23 10 2009

I have heard of these black madonnas before. Of course she wasn’t white european. But nobody likes to admit that, do they? Although of course, it could be the colour of the wood. I doubt she was as black as that unless she was from the darkest corner of the dark continent of Africa! So a bit of artistic license please! I imagine she must have been very semitic in appearance, possibly short, probably very peasant in appearance, hard worked, prematurely aged, short lived. We are talking about 2000 years ago here, no beauty products for the wife of a carpenter. Rough hands, heavy work, carrying water, giving birth with no medical aid. No wonder so many women died in child birth. To be successful at it as she apparently was, she was probably wide in the hip too, and big breasted. Bit of a Willendorf Venus (if I have spelled that right?) not a caucasian slender beauty.
That is the problem with the ‘graven image’ – it is one person’s idea of what someone might have looked at. I much prefer a book cover, for example, without a depiction of the character on the cover. I like to imagine the character myself.
So with the Virgin, one should be free to imagine what she looked like for oneself. When I was a child I had a plastic Britain’s Model toy Friar Tuck in a brown monk’s costume. This was how I imagined God to look. Only later did my parents point out that he was holding a cudgel!
By the way, I gather that the BNP have been made to admit non-whites! It will be interesting to see how many join, won’t it? Why would they want to? Why would anyone want to, come to that?

2 05 2010

Why is it so hard to believe that the Madonna was of black African descent? The bible clearly shows that at the time of Jesus. Hamitic Tribes Such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Cush and Cannan ruled North Africa. These people at that time were all black skinned and over the years with the invasion of the Muslims, and then the Greeks and Romans the mixing of the races have created what we see today. This was not the case back in that time. What we would like to ascribe to North Africa as Arabs were in fact like ascribing that North and South America were from the beginning of time populated and controlled by Whites.
The reason there is so much confusion over the color of Mary is because people refuse to accept the fact that she was in fact a black woman. There is much controversy to disprove or to cloud the judgement of people so that my people of anglo-saxon heritage can maintain that they are the greatest of all people, and that Africans and Blacks are and will always be inferior.

6 05 2010

Rambo, love your comment. The point you made about north and south america is a really good point.

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