Outrage over Cyprus Turtles

19 10 2009

Turtle in CyprusOver the past year, 25 turtles have lost their lives in fishing nets off the coast of Cyprus. A voluntary organisation called Episkopi Turtle Watch has been working to protect the little beasts which come to Cyprus to lay their eggs. Cypriot authorities have been trying to protect the beaches on which turtles lay their eggs and now it seems the main problem is coming from the British Base Authorities.

Turtle Watch has requested the British Bases to force fishermen to move nets from 5 metres offshore to 10 metres offshore at turtle nesting sites. So far this request has been refused.

The main problem for turtles is that they drown if they cannot come up for air within 40 minutes. When caught in nets, they tend to drown for this reason. The other problem is that often fishermen kill them if they are found alive in a net.

If you feel strongly about this then please sign this petitionhttp://www.ipetitions.com/petition/episkopiturtlewatch/




One response

19 10 2009

Surely everyone knows by now that ‘live and let live’ is a way of life which seems to suit all species and if one species is encroaching on another and a fairly simple act could ensure both get on just fine then that act should be done. It seems to me it is the fishermen who should be held accountable. Obviously, if the British Bases Authorities could somehow educate as to why the turtles have as much right as the fishermen to the waters (actually, given the turtles are marine animals, I would say they have more right to the waters) then problem solved. In the meantime, perhaps people should see turtles – look into their gentle, lovely eyes and then they could not help but want to keep this species flourishing. I think it is a travesty that hese lovely creatures are dying needlessly and painfully.

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